1st Samford Valley Scout Group

09/01/2019Nature Bug HuntMeet at Stutton Shop, Move to the woods and local area to find bugs and night life Design a bug check list
16/01/2019Night time survival trainingSchool Equipment to make natural shelters Light fires from natural materials keeping the site tidy
23/01/2019Night time survival practice
30/01/2019Fun with food
06/02/2019Valentines card making
13/02/2019Night Navigation
27/02/2019Ready for Spring
06/03/2019Mothers Day night
13/03/2019Sports Night
20/03/2019Command tasks
27/03/2019Community Support
10/04/2019Chocolate night

Cubs’ Challenge Badge Progress

NameChief Scout's SilverAdventureOutdoorsPersonalSkillsTeam LeaderTeamworkWorld
Max DStartedStarted06/06/2018StartedStartedStarted
Leo HStartedStarted06/06/2018StartedStartedStarted
Amy LStartedStarted06/06/2018StartedStartedStarted
Edward Henry SStartedStartedStarted23/05/2018StartedStartedStarted
max sStartedStartedStarted23/05/2018StartedStartedStarted
Harry A
Oliver wStarted
Emma B
Elliot H
Angus DStarted