1st Samford Valley Scout Group

05/01/2018Winter Camp Kit preparationPut up and check patrol tents. All pieces complete, repair broken poles and count tent pegs. Sort through other kit and load vehicles ready for following weekend.
12/01/2018Winter campAnnual winter camp at Gilwell
19/01/2018BloodhoundAnnabel Stott, Ed Smallwood and Jed Cooper were made up to Patrol Leader. Bo Holburn, Rose Dixon, Max Wheatley and Luke Martin were made up to Assistant Patrol Leader. Harrison Drane was given his Patrol Leader badge. The Scouts were given the task of building a model of the Bloodhound, a project that is being carried out to build a car to break the land speed record. Once they had built their models, the scouts had a race to see who's was the fastest and travelled the furthest. Jack Bartrum was 1st with Lottie James 2nd. After a quick game, it was time for the flag to be lowered and everyone to head off home.
26/01/2018Emergency Aid & Map WorkLevel 1 Emergency Aid
02/02/2018Emergency Aid & Map WorkLevel 2 Emergency Aid practical skills. Level 3 Emergency Aid learning & practical skills
09/02/2018No meeting
16/02/2018half term no meeting
23/02/2018Cooking nightCake baking???
02/03/2018Night Hike - CancelledCan all Scouts arrive promptly so we can set off as soon as possible to allow enough time to complete the hike. Drop off and pick up points will be posted once they are known. Please ensure that all scouts are suitably dressed for the weather and have a torch and drink with them.
09/03/2018Climbing group 1Climbing at Royal Hospital School
16/03/2018Climbing group 2Group met by Paddy & Tamsin. Warm up to start with.
23/03/2018Holbrook Beach Activity
30/03/2018Good Friday - No MeetingNo Meeting