1st Samford Valley Scout Group


DO YOU Remember. . . what it was like to be six?
Every day was a new adventure and fun and friends were what mattered most.  Well in Scouting, we still believe that.

Beaver Scouts are aged 6-8 years old. They are the youngest members of the Scouting family in the UK.  Activities, trips and making friends are all part of what makes Beavers so much fun for girls as well as boys. As well as earning activity badges, Beavers Scouts get to go on camps and sleepovers, often for the first time. They enjoy:

• being creative
• playing games
• going on visits
• getting to know other people
• being adventurous
• and, above all, having fun!

Our beavers meet once a week during term time on a Wednesday evening at Holbrook Primary School.

We sometimes have a waiting list, so if you have a son or daughter who’d like to join, it’s best to get in touch with us before they’re six.

Send us a message via the form on the Find & Contact Us page and we’ll let you know a likely starting date and more information about our colony.

If you’d like to find out more about beavers in general, a good place to start is the Scout Association website.  

Here you can learn about the programme we follow, the requirements for the different beaver badges and where they go on the uniform.

 beaver strapline